No two humans are alike. We may respond to prescriptions or treatments differently than our neighbor. One-size-fits-all treatments are a thing of the past strategic and better healthcare is here. Personalized medicine can meet diagnostic challenges and improve clinical outcomes.

By following paths laid down by genetic markers, researchers are working to customize more effective therapies for diseases. With personalized medicine, we can diagnose and prescribe medicine based on our own genes. Precise treatments reduce the need for expensive tests, enable early diagnosis and are an altogether better healthcare experience.

The health care data we consume is growing exponentially. A Stanford University School of Medicine report estimates health care data will have a 48 percent growth rate annually and reach 2,314 exabytes by 2020.

$44 billion

in global revenue (MicKinsey)

90 percent

of conventional medicines only work for 30 to 50 percent of patients (Forbes)

80 percent

of 7,000 rare diseases are genetic (Shire)

$35 billion

invested by the Department of Health and Human Services in health care IT (McKinsey)


Providing the right drug to the right person at the right time is one of the holy grails of medicine, and Arizona is at the forefront. The state's hospitals, research centers and biotech companies are developing new diagnostic technologies. They are investigating debilitating age-related diseases, molecular profiling, nanotechnology and other genetic research. Nonprofits are leading clinical trials to identify new treatments for aggressive brain tumors, including glioblastoma using therapeutic combinations matched to individual patients.

In addition, Arizona is a leader in Alzheimer’s research. Public and private institutions collaborate to decode patients' genes to delay the onset and treat the symptoms. Arizona is home to cutting-edge imaging technology and world-class researchers and physicians.

The state’s universities engage students with researchers to learn more about methods to diagnose and treat cancer patients. Researchers created targeted vehicles that will transport medicine directly to cancer cells and avoid healthy cells.

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