Education technology (EdTech) uses technology to expand access to education. In a digital world, learning is no longer confined to the four walls of a classroom: students attend classes, study, communicate and receive assignments all online. 

With wide accessibility to broadband, technology-augmented education is the new standard. Students can create a highly-custom learning experience, all at their own pace.

Corporations are searching for an equipped workforce ready for the future. Places that provide a steady, educated pipeline of talent will attract these businesses.

The EdTech industry is booming. In 2017, international funding reached $9.52 billion. Online talent platforms could raise global GDP by up to $2.7 trillion and increase employment by 72 million full-time equivalent positions.


Arizona companies and educational institutions are leaders in changing the way we educate. They are pioneers in the use of technology to expand access to education, opening the doors to the classroom for students everywhere. They have been at the forefront of distance learning, giving students throughout the country access to skills and knowledge required in today's economy.

The state's innovative entrepreneurs are collaborating to make transformative and customized learning a reality. They’re creating platforms and technologies for learning, studying, collaboration and administrative tasks. Arizona's businesses and organizations are reinventing ways students can receive financial aid, learn visually, send and receive transcripts.


More than 50

EdTech companies or startups in Arizona

1,000 jobs

created by Arizona EdTech startups as of 2017

$100 million

in venture capital funding for Arizona EdTech companies

63 percent

of Arizona K-12 educators use EdTech in their classrooms everyday

Arizona State University offers 63 online undergraduate programs for 30,000 students a year. Seventy thousand Grand Canyon University students have gone online for classes. And the University of Arizona projects its online enrollment will triple by 2024. 

A critical mass of companies in the state is leading the way in making transformative and customized learning a reality.

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